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Caputo on Truth

I am making my way through one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while entitled “Truth: Philosophy in Transit” by John D. Caputo who I’ve mentioned before.  If anyone out there wants to know how I think about “truth”, whether capital “T” … Continue reading

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Narrative Does Not = Fiction

Here is an interesting piece and slightly postmodern—although there is much hidden here that is purely modern.  I think he is mistaken to see every narrative as always “fiction.”  He is correct in the sense though that our comprehensive metaphysical … Continue reading

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I brought up Jurgen Habermas recently as an aside and thought I would revisit that august personage. I was very impressed. The old warrior (82) who has probably been the secular’s west’s most profound and formidable champion has evened out … Continue reading

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The Modern Mind

This is a very nice essay by Scott Stephens. He points out many areas often overlooked when thinking about the “new atheists.” It is just as apparent why such an atheism – with its cartoon versions of history, its theological … Continue reading

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The Modern and Zombies

There is an amusing essay here about the deadness of modern life and our culture’s fascination with zombies and how the two may be related on some levels. It is an interesting connection because the modern, in relation to its … Continue reading

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Odd and Modern

Relative to my last post, here is the book the essay noted came from and it looks like the entire book would be an interesting read. Although environmentalism isn’t an area I’ve spent much time with, it is a good … Continue reading

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All the World is a Text

There is a good discussion going on over at this blog. One of the issues under discussion is the role of “facts” “evidence” and science in how we come to recognize what is “true” in a “big-picture” or ultimate way. … Continue reading

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There is an interesting conversation going on over at Eric Reitan’s blog under the post “Mind-Body Issues,” in the comment section. Instead of taking up Eric’s space in the limited comment section, I thought I would address Cheek and Burk … Continue reading

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Funeral Dirge

From this blog I came across this article in The Christian Science Monitor regarding Evangelicalism. The writer (Michael Spencer) tells of its coming collapse. Here are the reasons he gives for why he believes a collapse is coming: 1. Evangelicals … Continue reading

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Secularism and Violence to the Environment

I just finished After Modernity? Secularity, Globalization & The Re-Enchantment of the World, edited by James K.A. Smith. The book is a collection of essays and the ones by Smith, John Milbank, and Graham Ward alone are worth the price … Continue reading

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