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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact…Part Two

And so it continues… (Where is Ron to point this out to us?)  I think we at least have an understanding that no one here speaks for “science”.  We may assert that the other person has a view we personally … Continue reading

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Second Supplement to Part One and Part Two

If anyone has been following these posts and conversation, and if they are still in their right mind, then welcome.  It became clear that either the form of my argument, wording, phrasing, concepts, or some combination thereof was confusing.  My … Continue reading

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The Justified Use of Violence/Power, Part Two

Now, with the context set in place with my last post (Part 1), let’s look closer at the question: What justifies the use of violence when two parties cannot reach a peaceful resolution?  I am asking this whether it is … Continue reading

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The Justified Use of Violence/Power, Part One

It became rather clear (see here and the comment section) given the comments by Bernard and Burk, that both misunderstood my post on ethics and power.  So, here I will attempt to come at the same point but from a … Continue reading

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More on the Grinch’s “More” and also Dawkins

There is so much here in Milbank’s essay one could comment on, but I want to focus specifically on the idea of the “more” spoken of in my last post in reference to the Grinch in the holiday Christmas classic … Continue reading

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How I Might Respond

Amanda Marcotte has written here regarding what she considers ‘egregious’ myths perpetuated by the ‘religious’ against atheists.  When you look at the fundamentalists on both sides here, both the secular and religious variety, there are myths perpetuated by each against … Continue reading

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Final Postscript (we hope) on Nietzsche

From many of the comments regarding Nietzsche, it is clear more needs to be said, or re-said, since most of this was pointed out in my or other’s responses in the comments. From the Stanford source on Nietzsche, some points … Continue reading

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Whence and Why

This post is a response to this one by Bernard Beckett and it deals with the area of morality and ethics.  Bernard has an interesting take on this whole area and it seems to boil down to “desire” or his … Continue reading

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Right v. Wrong

The only thing funnier than this is that it is where many naturalist’s views on morality (power or majority decides what is moral) should logically take them.

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Science is so Important…Except in the all the Things we Truly Care About

A good essay here on the limitations of science. Who loses? We all do, of course, but perhaps it is science itself that takes the worst damage. Ironically, the more we look to science to do jobs it was never … Continue reading

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