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How Do We Know What We Know?

Most “normal” people, people who have actual lives, have probably tuned out at this point if they’ve been following at all the comment thread in my last post about love and mystery.  The saga continues here.  I’m sure from the … Continue reading

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Love’s Mysterious Difference: God is love (I John 4:7)

This post is a follow-up to this one and the comment section.  It may be we can come at this issue of mystery and love from a different angle.  Since focusing on the word “mystery” did not get us very … Continue reading

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Love, Pumpkins, Mystery, and the Unknowable

This post is in reference to this post and this one, and the comment thread to each.  Each gives the background to what I hope to discuss here.  I give these references for context.  Anyone can read each and see … Continue reading

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Trading One Certainty for Another (or the Delusion of Certainty)

I came across this essay recently and I thought I would engage it a bit.  The writer seems, to me anyway, to be making the same mistake that many former evangelicals/fundamentalists do once they walk away from those traditions/mindsets, which … Continue reading

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