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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact and Neither is Mine–One of Them May be True However

Before we get to the matter of our metaphysical frameworks/narratives not being “science” or “fact” let’s start here and herewhere we are told our brains are not computers and that the mind will remain a mystery to science.  And, I … Continue reading

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How do we Know what we Know, Part Two

For background to the following, see here, here, and here especially the comment sections.  This post is a continuation of that conversation. What I am about to describe, I think, is the experience of the vast majority of people in … Continue reading

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How I Might Respond

Amanda Marcotte has written here regarding what she considers ‘egregious’ myths perpetuated by the ‘religious’ against atheists.  When you look at the fundamentalists on both sides here, both the secular and religious variety, there are myths perpetuated by each against … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter One—Modernity and the Eclipse of Truth—Part Three

In the last post we talked about the rise of modernity, it’s twin mothers (The Enlightenment and the Reformation), and how this changed how we understood something to be “true” and indeed what the very concept of “truth” meant.  We … Continue reading

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Truth Again

Clearly one of the issues that seemed to get the most comments in this last series regarding the evaluation of narratives was the idea of “truth” and how one defines it or what one means by it.  I did my … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Mirror

I’m going to wrap up this series on evaluating differing narratives.  To reiterate, often I am asked, if we cannot found or prove a narrative empirically/scientifically, how can we know which one is true?  My first response has always been … Continue reading

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A Dead Horse

I’m going to beat this dead horse a little longer.  This essay sums up how I interpret Pinker and others with a similar view.  In itself, that is another matter and doesn’t really go to the point of this series and how … Continue reading

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Pinker Again

Well, here is another poor bloke misreading, misunderstanding, and misrepresenting Pinker.  Or, maybe not. He makes a very good point here: “…even those who are skeptical about the scientizing enterprise must stand with the scientists [which I do on questions … Continue reading

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Interesting Argument

Here  if one scrolls down to the random links noted after the main post, we see this: “Hooray for modernity. And rationalism.” Now, if you read the essay noted in the link, there isn’t a single place where the writer connects the cause … Continue reading

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“It’s All in Your Head.” Part II

There was an abundance of responses/comments to my post, “It’s All in Your Head.”  Wow.  Somehow that topic was linked to my post on consequences.  Anyway, I noted I could certainly be wrong as to the charge I was committing … Continue reading

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