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Is the Universe a Causally Closed System-and What About our Brains?

Well, we finally get to it.  All this time, this is what Bernard has really been arguing.    All the convolutions, contortions, circling, and looping could have been prevented if only at the very first, it would have been asserted: The … Continue reading

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How Do We Know What We Know?

Most “normal” people, people who have actual lives, have probably tuned out at this point if they’ve been following at all the comment thread in my last post about love and mystery.  The saga continues here.  I’m sure from the … Continue reading

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Love, Pumpkins, Mystery, and the Unknowable

This post is in reference to this post and this one, and the comment thread to each.  Each gives the background to what I hope to discuss here.  I give these references for context.  Anyone can read each and see … Continue reading

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More “Before Auschwitz”

Here is another review of the book I noted in an earlier post.  Some quotes: “For this to work as intended, it is essential that one avoids what Hinlicky calls “the retrospective fallacy.” In studying the history of Nazism, all … Continue reading

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Ideas Have Consequences

This looks like a fascinating book, given the perspective and history of the author.  Here is a review where the author then responds.  From the review: “Hinlicky lays special stress on what he calls the ‘modernism’ of the Holocaust’ (108). … Continue reading

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Facts and Truth

Many will not understand this blog post by Frank Schaeffer or this essay by Ross Lawhead.  I can just hear it now.  But both definitely touch upon many of the same things I was trying to get across in my … Continue reading

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What is True? (Part Two)

Since I’ve been on the road for the past week and a half, I’ve sporadically followed the comments surrounding my last post, but never really had the time to respond.  It seems to me they eventually went slightly off track and came perilously close … Continue reading

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Whence Ethics?

Bernard and RonH are having an interesting conversation in the comment section of an earlier post regarding how we ground ethics.  It may help for them to read here and here and see if any new light is shed.

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“To love another person is to see the face of God.”

Les Miserables is a great cinematic adaptation of the classic novel by Victor Hugo.  And contrary to some, I think it was a good idea to allow true and very good actors (Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman) to also sing, … Continue reading

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More Voices of Reason and Blundering into the Abyss

Cracks in the edifice here.Nagel has hit the naturalists where they hurt most: namely, by taking their philosophy with the seriousness it deserves and then forcing upon them an existential decision. Unfortunately the politically correct version of naturalism that currently … Continue reading

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