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Book Reveals Defective Brain?

Okay, if the most generous review of one’s “secular” anti-republican/conservative book one can get is from an organization like this one, then one has some problems.  The Center for Inquiry states, partly, its mission as thus: The mission of the … Continue reading

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"Logically Irrelevant"

The true poverty here is that anyone could ever imagine that mapping electro-chemical firings in the brain could ever tell us what love is, or hate, or why we wonder about eternity or why we seek meaning in life and … Continue reading

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There is a nice piece here on the “neuro-nonsense” currently in play today. On the smallest of scale, if the purpose were only to conceive of better understandings of the brain and our bodies in the interest of treating disease … Continue reading

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Heckling as a Public Service

Here is another very good essay in The New Atlantis that speaks to the mind/brain issue. In reaction to the ubiquitous practice of placing “neuro” in front of almost every designation one could think of the author writes: There is … Continue reading

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