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More are beginning to see that it is hard to propose that we care about something, and expect others to care about the same, when we can’t even tell them it is true, right, or good and that if we … Continue reading

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More on Singer

Here is more on Singer’s change of mind.

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Singer Looks into the Abyss and Finally Blinks

Here is an interesting essay by notorious bioethics professor Peter Singer. What is interesting is even Singer has realized over time that either morality has an objective basis or one is logically led to skepticism regarding any ethical assertion, even … Continue reading

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Just Die Already!

Wow. I mean you at least have to give Peter Singer credit for not blinking in the face of a nihilistic suicidal worldview. At least he’s honest. Like Nietzsche before him, he is willing to look into the abyss and … Continue reading

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"An Intellectually Honest Atheist"

Here is an interesting article regarding philosopher Peter Singer. As many might know, Mr. Singer is an atheist who advocates infanticide while he at the same time defends animal “rights.” As pointed out in the article, when it comes to … Continue reading

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