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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact and Neither is Mine–One of Them May be True However

Before we get to the matter of our metaphysical frameworks/narratives not being “science” or “fact” let’s start here and herewhere we are told our brains are not computers and that the mind will remain a mystery to science.  And, I … Continue reading

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Autonomous Moral Reflection

If anyone out there (doubtful!) has been following the comments regarding the issue of progressive Christian beliefs and whether or not they “clash” with science, certainly they’ve realized this has turned into a rather big dust-up as they say.  Who … Continue reading

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No Philosophy—No Science

A response to my last post perpetuates a common myth, which is that modern science simply appears at some point in history as an accident of some sort and one completely isolated from context, philosophical influence, and somehow a-historical.  Or, … Continue reading

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Discovering what is Already Present by “Seeing”

An interesting article here, which points out the real significance of the possible discovery of the “God” particle or the Higgs boson. Of course some superficial interest was generated by the fact that the Higgs boson had picked up the … Continue reading

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The Secular is Parasitic and Must Borrow

This short essay here deals with a further essay by philosopher Stanley Fish and a book by Steven Smith. All three bring up great points. The issues discussed go to much of the conversation swirling around this blog post by … Continue reading

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Another Reason Science will Always Follow Philosophy and Must

Science will not only always follow philosophy but would be impossible without it. In fact, every serious endeavor or conversation that rises to any level of reflection and significance within a culture is impossible and only happens with and because … Continue reading

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There is Philosophy and there is “detail” Work

I would only add that the other point worthy of note here is that scientism is itself a philosophy so we not only have the issue of people asserting that only “science” can give us true objective knowledge, but that … Continue reading

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Marilynne Robinson, the Philosopher

Marilynne Robinson is one of my favorite writers. If you ever see one of her books, grab it up. She talks about her new book on the the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It sounds like a great read.

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The Problem with the Global Financial System?

This is a very interesting essay by Philip Goodchild regarding the current economic crisis. Goodchild looks at the current crisis from a philosophical viewpoint and, of course, reveals that economics is philosophy. The day is over that anyone should think … Continue reading

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Here is an interesting post on the renaissance of Christian philosophy. Part of what caught my eye is that I often think this (the renaissance) is common knowledge, but from my last post and the comment section—clearly it isn’t. Who … Continue reading

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