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A Christian Commonwealth?

Is this the best idea for Europe’s future?  I believe it is. The bankruptcy of the secular “market-state” Across Europe and elsewhere, there is an inchoate awareness that big government and big business have colluded at the expense of the … Continue reading

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Ten Interesting Questions

Debra Dean Murphy asks some interesting questions here. An example: 8. Why do most Christians misunderstand the nature of “freedom” and fall in lockstep with the war machine’s thin, silly notion of freedom as license to pursue “the American dream”? … Continue reading

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We are all Libertarians now

Mark Lilla has a very good essay here regarding how libertarianism has become the true defining political mindset of American culture. For me he shows how the Left and Right are really two sides to the same modernist coin. This … Continue reading

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The Church Divides

I just received this book which was the result of a symposium in Sweden where the discussion focused on “theology, politics and the identity of the church with a focus on Church of Sweden.” The keynote speaker was William T. … Continue reading

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The Theology of Money

This looks like a great book…all moderns are believers in the practical sense spoken of here…

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Theologico-Political in Finland

I wish I had the time (and resources) to go to this. It looks like a great conference. One of the speakers, Hent de Vries, has several interesting books out there, especially this one. This conference and books like these … Continue reading

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Obama and Warren

It will be interesting to see how evangelicals react to this. Beyond it being a shrewed political move by President-elect Obama, I’m not sure what to make of it. Clearly the Left and a segment of the Gay community are … Continue reading

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