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René Girard

I’ve heard a lot about René Girard for years and been intrigued, but had yet to get around to reading him.  I’m finally making my way through one of his books, and I love it.  I will now probably read … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Two—What Do We Do With Religious Truth?—Part Four

Picking up from the last train of thought in this series, Caputo notes again the importance of what is going on in this expression we call “religion”: “When people wear veils over their faces or go to church on Sunday … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter One—Modernity and the Eclipse of Truth—Part Five

Caputo finishes up chapter one sort of summarizing where he thinks we are, what modernity has led to, and how he plans to proceed.  He begins: “In modernity, truth was not eliminated, of course, but eclipsed, truncated, cut down to … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace: Robert Bellah (1927-2013)

True. “A second contribution of this volume is Bellah’s understanding of religion itself. Unlike many of the present-day attempts to explain religion away as if the term has no intrinsic meaning, Bellah demurs.” “In his new book, the notion [understanding … Continue reading

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More on Consequences…

Here is another piece noting the link between a narrative and how it actually makes an empirical difference in the lives of people.  Even though the essay is about the recent passing of legislation in Australia regarding the granting or … Continue reading

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Without Religion

Peter Rollins is becoming one of my favorite thinkers.  Good stuff here. While the supportive nature of unbelief might be obvious in fundamentalist communities the challenge is in seeing it also in operation in liberal and progressive communities. Someone might, … Continue reading

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Preach it Brother!

How wonderful to see those so hostile to “religion” preaching,  proselytizing, meeting, organizing, putting promotional material out there and coming together “religiously” and passionately getting their “message” out.  Wait.  What?

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Three Questions—or—it’s All About Community

Very nice essay here by someone who understands the difference between what science can tell us and what religion/philosophy can tell us.   “A society without faith is like one without art, music, beauty or grace, and no society without faith … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales

Great article here by William Cavanaugh. Fairy tales are alive and well. So much conventional wisdom is just that. The idea that “religion” is the cause of violence in the world now, or historically, is suspect to say the least. … Continue reading

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Martin Nowak

Well if this is any indication of where this conversation is moving, we can perhaps begin to see more light at the end of the tunnel. Martin Nowak is herein described by a Harvard colleague as “the greatest evolutionist ever.” … Continue reading

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