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Again, Whence the Agnosticism?

First: Happy New Year!  Now, let’s review the last several posts (not counting Friday Roundup) and conversations: Objection 1. While God or some spiritual aspect to existence may exist, we could know nothing of either, or, if we could, it … Continue reading

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Whence the Agnosticism Now?

So, we’ve learned a lot through the comment threads from the last several posts.   We now know there were things “heard” and quite a bit of “reading into” things no one was asserting or saying; in fact, things I have … Continue reading

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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact…Part Two

And so it continues… (Where is Ron to point this out to us?)  I think we at least have an understanding that no one here speaks for “science”.  We may assert that the other person has a view we personally … Continue reading

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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact and Neither is Mine–One of Them May be True However

Before we get to the matter of our metaphysical frameworks/narratives not being “science” or “fact” let’s start here and herewhere we are told our brains are not computers and that the mind will remain a mystery to science.  And, I … Continue reading

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The Great Disconnect

A perennial problem in any exchange or conversation with atheists/agnostics heavily invested in scientism is the complete misunderstanding of the terms and concepts used by Christians specifically, and philosophers in general.  Now, do Christians also misunderstand the terms and concepts … Continue reading

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A Dead Horse

I’m going to beat this dead horse a little longer.  This essay sums up how I interpret Pinker and others with a similar view.  In itself, that is another matter and doesn’t really go to the point of this series and how … Continue reading

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Still More Voices…

First, a very good definition of scientism here: “Scientism is a philosophical thesis that belongs to the sub-discipline of epistemology. It is not a thesis in science, but a thesis about science.  The thesis in its strongest form is that … Continue reading

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More Voices…

Speaking of the importance of words and meaning… A postmodern response here… Further scrutiny asked for here… Bad move noted here… Spectacular arrogance… No man is a prophet in his own land… Again, we see some moderate voices and some … Continue reading

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Another White Knight Rides Again

There is no need to address the main topic of thispost, because I did so here with my last post.  However, when I came across this I had to pause: “…or that god forms us in “His” image, (take note, … Continue reading

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Poor Mr. Pinker

Well this was too hard to pass up.  Wow.  This is fascinating if only for the reason that it tells us so much about Mr. Pinker and his prejudices.  News flash: There is not now, nor has there ever been, … Continue reading

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