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I came across this and it reminded me of this whole discussion regarding agnosticism.  Perhaps being agnostic just amounts to being an ironist. “The artist who deploys irony tests the sophistication of his audience and divides it into two parts, … Continue reading

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No Leg to Stand on

Wow, here is another gem by Fish. The bold assertion: There are no secular reasons and what reasons there are have to be smuggled in from the very sources it disdains. How pathetic. I think we can conclude that secular … Continue reading

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Fish Gets It

Given the last two posts and the comments, here is an interesting article by Stanley Fish where he notes, at least one, huge gap in Habermas‘ thinking. He is absolutely right–something indeed is missing. A quote: Postmodernism announces (loudly and … Continue reading

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More Fish

Fish continues to spit out anti-theism hooks…they can’t catch this guy…

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More Fish

This is a little old but good regardless. Fish discusses the atheist’s faith in “evidence.” Dawkins voices distress at an imagined opponent who “can’t see” the evidence or “refuses to look at it because it contradicts his holy book,” but … Continue reading

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Fish on Eagleton

The always interesting Stanley Fish also takes a look at Eagleton’s book here. Here are some quotes: …British critic Terry Eagleton asks, “Why are the most unlikely people, including myself, suddenly talking about God?” His answer, elaborated in prose that … Continue reading

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Faith and Economies

Regardless of what one thinks of Stanley Fish, he often sees what many over-look. Here is a wonderful view of debt, bankruptcy, and other matters we normally think of in monetary “economic” terms only.

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