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A Dead Horse

I’m going to beat this dead horse a little longer.  This essay sums up how I interpret Pinker and others with a similar view.  In itself, that is another matter and doesn’t really go to the point of this series and how … Continue reading

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Pinker Again

Well, here is another poor bloke misreading, misunderstanding, and misrepresenting Pinker.  Or, maybe not. He makes a very good point here: “…even those who are skeptical about the scientizing enterprise must stand with the scientists [which I do on questions … Continue reading

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Still More Voices…

First, a very good definition of scientism here: “Scientism is a philosophical thesis that belongs to the sub-discipline of epistemology. It is not a thesis in science, but a thesis about science.  The thesis in its strongest form is that … Continue reading

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More Voices…

Speaking of the importance of words and meaning… A postmodern response here… Further scrutiny asked for here… Bad move noted here… Spectacular arrogance… No man is a prophet in his own land… Again, we see some moderate voices and some … Continue reading

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Another White Knight Rides Again

There is no need to address the main topic of thispost, because I did so here with my last post.  However, when I came across this I had to pause: “…or that god forms us in “His” image, (take note, … Continue reading

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Poor Mr. Pinker

Well this was too hard to pass up.  Wow.  This is fascinating if only for the reason that it tells us so much about Mr. Pinker and his prejudices.  News flash: There is not now, nor has there ever been, … Continue reading

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Peace in our time?

John Gray has a very good piece here (from last year) upon the continuing delusions of Steven Pinker and those who share in them. While Pinker makes a great show of relying on evidence – the 700-odd pages of this … Continue reading

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