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When God was an Atheist

This essay caught my eye during Holy Week.  As we are only a few days removed from Easter and Holy Week, I want to take a moment to focus on Saturday—the day in-between.  We most often focus on Friday, the … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Six—Truth in the Postmodern Situation—Part Two—Hermeneutics

Of the three highlights mentioned in the last post on Caputo, the first one is hermeneutics.  Caputo: “The one word that I think best sums up the postmodern turn is ‘hermeneutics’, which means the theory of interpretation.  I treat hermeneutics … Continue reading

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Final Postscript (we hope) on Nietzsche

From many of the comments regarding Nietzsche, it is clear more needs to be said, or re-said, since most of this was pointed out in my or other’s responses in the comments. From the Stanford source on Nietzsche, some points … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Six—Truth in the Postmodern Situation—Part One

After narrating our philosophical history and showing how we arrived here, Caputo brings us up to our current time.  Regardless what one thinks of his reading of that history, in its general outline, in its general emphasis, in its general … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Five—Postmodern Prophets—Part Three

Continuing with Nietzsche, we come to his idea of “eternal recurrence.”  *Caputo puts it thus: “Eternal recurrence is the mythic idea that the course of time will be repeated over and over again, and has already been repeated an infinite … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Five—Postmodern Prophets—Part One

In the Enlightenment and early modernity, truth and the concepts surrounding that idea were thought of (and communicated as) mostly academic and abstract intellectual endeavors.  Along with Hegel came others who began to think the idea of truth was much … Continue reading

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Great Insight

This guy gets it.

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Caputo: Chapter Four—The Enlightenment and Its Critics: A Short History—Part Two

As noted, Caputo then moves on to the first critics of the Enlightenment and those who set the stage for what we now call postmodernism.  These are Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831); Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55); and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).  Caputo … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Three—Letting Truth Be: Augustine, Derrida and the Postmodern Turn—Part Two

As noted before, Caputo gets to Derrida’s use of the word “event” and its importance for understanding what Caputo means by truth. “So before I go further, I want to comment on the word ‘event’ that Derrida uses.  It is … Continue reading

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Caputo: Introduction, Part Three

A key term and component of postmodernism is hermeneutics.  Technically, it is a theological term which refers to the art and science of interpretation.  It has been used more and more now however by many disciplines (I’ve seen it used in … Continue reading

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