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When is Violence Justified? What is Justice?

Thrasymachus famously asserted that, “Justice is nothing but the advantage of the stronger.”  However ancient, it sounds all too modern and western in at least a tacit manner, if not outright admission.  “Justice” may be only a word that communicates … Continue reading

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Second Supplement to Part One and Part Two

If anyone has been following these posts and conversation, and if they are still in their right mind, then welcome.  It became clear that either the form of my argument, wording, phrasing, concepts, or some combination thereof was confusing.  My … Continue reading

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The Justified Use of Violence/Power, Part Two

Now, with the context set in place with my last post (Part 1), let’s look closer at the question: What justifies the use of violence when two parties cannot reach a peaceful resolution?  I am asking this whether it is … Continue reading

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The Justified Use of Violence/Power, Part One

It became rather clear (see here and the comment section) given the comments by Bernard and Burk, that both misunderstood my post on ethics and power.  So, here I will attempt to come at the same point but from a … Continue reading

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Peace in our time?

John Gray has a very good piece here (from last year) upon the continuing delusions of Steven Pinker and those who share in them. While Pinker makes a great show of relying on evidence – the 700-odd pages of this … Continue reading

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Bill Maher is an Idiot but Idiots can be Right Every now and Then

Many Christians will not like this Bill Maher rant, but my sense is they will not like it because it hits too close to home. They will also not like it because they don’t like hearing the truth when it … Continue reading

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Still More on Violence and the State

James Smith has an interesting post here on the writings of Andrew Bacevich. We need to listen to someone like Bacevich. Some quotes: It’s also no mistake that Frank Rich cites Bacevich in his recent, stinging critique of Obama’s presidency. … Continue reading

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Religion, The State, and Violence

Here is more on the theme of religion, the state, and violence. “Whatever the truth about how often particular Christians, Jews, Muslims, and so on, commend and practice violence, we ought to remember that the quantity of violence traceable to … Continue reading

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Cavanaugh, Hitchens, and Violence

Here is a good piece regarding how we might think about what “religion” means and also how the myth of religious violence is used to support secular violence.

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We Sit and Watch Cable/Satellite News

Jamie Smith recently posted this sobering Sandburg poem. It may not seem like millions or acres of men to us as we note those killed in the current “war on terrorism,” but the last time I checked a slow bleed … Continue reading

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