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Economics is Philosophy/Theology

Most of all the theorizing one hears today in the area of economics is surface nonsense that either completely glosses over the deeper realities or simply presumes the modern categories and understandings.  This is to say, it hides or forgets … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales

Great article here by William Cavanaugh. Fairy tales are alive and well. So much conventional wisdom is just that. The idea that “religion” is the cause of violence in the world now, or historically, is suspect to say the least. … Continue reading

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Everything is Spiritual

Even the economic. Modern scientific materialism, on the other hand, is the dangerous illusion that all is reducible to the merely material, and that science can eventually overcome any limits that the merely material might put in our way. Davis … Continue reading

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Cavanaugh, Hitchens, and Violence

Here is a good piece regarding how we might think about what “religion” means and also how the myth of religious violence is used to support secular violence.

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Cavanaugh on Religion and Violence

This is a couple of years old but still very good, especially given what’s going on in Afghanistan and the rest of the world. From the essay: But what is implied in the conventional wisdom that religion is prone to … Continue reading

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