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How I Might Respond

Amanda Marcotte has written here regarding what she considers ‘egregious’ myths perpetuated by the ‘religious’ against atheists.  When you look at the fundamentalists on both sides here, both the secular and religious variety, there are myths perpetuated by each against … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Mirror

I’m going to wrap up this series on evaluating differing narratives.  To reiterate, often I am asked, if we cannot found or prove a narrative empirically/scientifically, how can we know which one is true?  My first response has always been … Continue reading

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On the Highway to McHell with the Cult of Self Behind the Wheel

If anyone wants to know what economics is really about or why we in the West find ourselves where we do can go here. “Is meaningful resistance to the Cult of the Self even possible? Can a final, irrevocable descent … Continue reading

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Questions and Food for Thought

Bernard, perhaps it might help if we thought about these questions and their possible implications: 1.    Would you describe your “distaste” as having negative or positive connotations for you personally?  For either, does that suggest you must already have in mind … Continue reading

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In response to JP, and RonH’s comments regarding narrative in the last comments thread, I am re-posting something I posted a couple of years ago.  Again, I am not using the words world-view, narrative, or faith based upon my own … Continue reading

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Again: We all live by Faith

Bernard, in the post on Nagel I know several issues came up regarding questions you had as to the assertion I make that all of us, whether atheist, theist, or agnostic come to our final conclusions by faith.  And again, … Continue reading

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Discovering what is Already Present by “Seeing”

An interesting article here, which points out the real significance of the possible discovery of the “God” particle or the Higgs boson. Of course some superficial interest was generated by the fact that the Higgs boson had picked up the … Continue reading

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The Inseparability of Faith and World-View

Because of the extended conversation sparked from my last post (See the comment section), I thought I would respond here as to the last two comments from my intrepid interlocutor where he brings up the idea of “world-view.” First of … Continue reading

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